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Saffron opera began its story in 2016 when Andrea Giacometti decided to test a dream that had been tucked away for years. In that year, I purchased the first 1000 bulbs. That test was crucial because I moved from theory to practice and personally followed all the phases: the research and purchase of bulbs, the search for suitable soil, planting and maintenance, and the harvesting of the stigmas. In the end, I understood that I could make it, I was able to cultivate and harvest saffron. I knew that with a much larger plantation than the initial one, I couldn’t do everything alone, but I could always ask for the help of partners, consultants, and workers. After some considerations with the partners, the final decision came: yes, let’s all start the new saffron adventure together.





Our store at Via Tifernate 151 in Gubbio is conveniently located and you’ll find all our saffron products there. Naturally, you can appreciate the saffron aroma right at the doorstep. You’ll be warmly welcomed, following the tradition of Gubbio, and feel free to ask any questions about saffron. Our plantation is accessible only by jeep or on foot (a 2 km walk), but the effort is worth it: you’ll witness a breathtaking panorama and experience the true nature of the ‘Green Heart of Italy,’ where we cultivate our Opera Lo Zafferano.



We are located in the Eugubino-Alto Chiascio area, a region in Umbria bordering the Marche, rich in historic villages and ancient traditions, such as our famous Festival of the Candles, which we Gubbians enthusiastically celebrate every year with great public participation. In addition to the historical remnants of the city that make it one of the most visited in the world, we are surrounded by the regional parks of Monte Pasubio and Monte Cucco, precious sources of serenity and greenery, perfect for walks or bike excursions. We are deeply connected culturally and, above all, spiritually to the places associated with St. Francis, such as Assisi with its basilica dedicated to the saint, renowned among art enthusiasts for the frescoes by Giotto.


Saffron can be used as a spice in the kitchen to prepare various dishes (rice, pasta, meat, fish, shellfish, creams, ice creams, honey, dairy products, beverages), as an infusion with its numerous therapeutic properties, and as a cosmetic product for its anti-wrinkle, brightening, and skin-enhancing qualities.


We, the people of Gubbio, are protective of our personal recipe for Friccò. Each family has crafted its own version, which is a simple variation on the theme of the original but plays with the many types of meats that can be used in the recipe. To make this delicious stew, we use different proportions of the required meats, which include chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit, and turkey. Once prepared, we marinate them carefully and then place them in a ceramic pot for about an hour. During the slow cooking process, we enhance the flavor with white wine and various spices. We enjoy it immediately after cooking, paired with Crescia sul Panaro, a thick piadina, another local specialty of ours.